telecom.Tech Lazaros Agapidis P.C.

US Military Base in Africa – Network Design

Network Design, Proposal writing

I had the privilege of working with Lepton Global Solutions via Upwork to prepare a response to an RFP for a communications network for a U.S. Military installation with 42 buildings and with over 1000 end users.  My role was to design the core, distribution and access portions of the network from the satellite uplink to the end user.  Network components included microwave links, LTE base stations for connections to buildings as well as to mobile phone users, fiber optic ring topologies and wireless networks.  Services on the network included IP telephony, video conferencing, mobile telephony, Wi-Fi and security all with the appropriate quality of service mechanisms.  Network redundancy, availability, maintainability and survivability in harsh environments were a priority.  Accommodation of SIPRNet and NIPRNet, equipment lifecycle cost considerations and network monitoring were major components of the proposal.

Client Name

Lepton Global Solutions

Date Completed

February 29, 2016